Container transportation

One of the types of transportation of goods in which the company “CLF” is the leader in the European and CIS markets is container transportation.

This is the most convenient way to transport goods without harm to their contents over long distances. Container cargo can be transported by sea, and by rail, and by road, and by air, which is why customers usually prefer this method. In addition, the cost of container traffic is quite low.

When transporting goods in such a way, it is important to consider that containers can be transported along the same route in different ways; first, they can be loaded onto the railway platform and then onto the ship, which is why it is important to contact a reliable transport company, then you will not have problems handling containers one mode of transport to another.

The company “CLF” has extensive experience in container transport of goods on routes around the world. Entrust your cargo to us and we will deliver it on time.