Transportation of automobiles

Transportation of automobiles

Today, transportation of cars occupy one of the leading positions in the field of freight transportation services.

The company CLF transports passenger cars on the routes of Europe, the CIS, the Caucasus countries, Turkey. Our company transports cars both in batches and in single copies. We have the ability to carry out combined transportation of goods by different owners on the same route.

Our company has its own fleet of car carriers and a staff of qualified drivers, thanks to which your cargo will be delivered on time and to the right place. If you do not trust autocarts, especially for our customers there is a service of car transportation by rail. We will transport your cars, regardless of their class and size, it can be both SUVs and minibuses. With our company your cargo will always be safe, at your request, you can make insurance of the cargo.

Due to the vast experience of transportation of cars, our company guarantees the timely delivery and safety of cars.

The company “CLF” is committed to the ideal and is constantly developing flexible strategies to influence the freight market. We appreciate your time and we try to provide a convenient service for all our clients, there are no exceptions.

Our company conducts all kinds of monitoring of the legal aspects of freight, we will create for you a rational scheme of transportation of your cars.